Make My IVR

Make My IVR - Dynamic Self Service Application


Make My IVR allows to create an Dynamic Multi-level IVR, this will be used as a Front-End application for Designing and Configuring the business logic and requirement on the fly. It allows business team to create a personalised customer experience by designing a customised IVR menu according to your business needs. No need to wait for IT assistance or a 3rd party to make changes. This gives your customers a seamless experience every time they call you with minimal efforts, cost and time. Make My IVR also provides some standard and customised reports base on the business requirement.

Key Fundamentals and Features

  • Allows to create multi-Level & multi-lingual Dynamic IVR call flow
  • Can create multiple Dynamic IVR call flow and routing can be defined based on the DNIS configured
  • Dynamic configuration Nodes i.e. IVR Menu, Call Transfer, Announcement, Email, SMS, and Disconnect.
  • Integration can be done with “Make My Survey”, “Call Me Back”, “Database”, “Customer Backend”, “TPIN Server”, “Customers CRM / API”
  • Custom call flows as a plug-in can be created as per the requirement and backend integration, which can be further utilized on the IVR call flow as a call flow.
  • Standard and customised reports as per the customers requirement can be provided