Make My Survey

Make My Survey - Dynamic Self Service Application


Make My Survey is a state-of-the-art Interactive Voice Response survey system. It gives you an easy and cost effective way to deliver self-completion surveys and automated messages to a broad audience. With Make My Survey system, customers can participate in a survey whenever they want. Customers simply answer pre-recorded questions through their telephone keypad. This reduces your cost of agent time, as well as of input and encoding. Self-completion IVR surveys can be used in different modes i.e. “Inbound Mode”, “Outbound Mode”, “Mix Mode”

Make My Survey – Features

  • Allows to create multi-Level & multi-lingual Dynamic Survey call flow
  • Can create multiple Survey call flow and routing can be defined based on the DNIS and Modes of Survey
  • Survey Campaign Management
  • Make My Survey allows to create call flow using Nodes i.e. Menu Options, Rating, Static and Dynamic Announcement, Email, SMS, Call Transfer, and Disconnect.
  • Integration can be done with “Make My IVR”, “Make My Calls”, “Call Me Back”, “Database”, “Customer Backend”, “TPIN Server”, “Customers CRM / API”
  • Standard and customised reports as per the customers requirement can be provided

Make My Survey – Call flows

  • Can prepare customers Survey and feed back survey call flow
  • Can prepare a survey call flow for broadcasting promotional and offers to the customer via outbound survey mode
  • Can prepare payment reminder flow and make automatic calls to respected customer via outbound mode
  • Can prepare Fraud Alert Notification call flow and make automatic calls to respected customer via outbound mode